Technical Skills

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Microcontrollers & Firmware

I generally prefer a layered architecture in order to reduce the mind share required in order to complete portions of an application. This development method often leads to code which emphasizes function over cyclic efficiency.

I have successfully deployed each of the below architectures into production:

  • PIC24/dsPIC33 series development in C, assembly

  • PIC10/12/16/18 series development in assembly

  • MSP430 series development in C

  • STM32F series development in C

I have successfully deployed firmware implementing motor control algorithms, communication protocols (RS-422, RS-485, wireless), and test hardware. I have written safety-critical code, including full code documentation.

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Electrical Engineering

I have been responsible for all aspectes of electrical design, from schematic entry, component selection, through layout and cost optimization. Softwares that I have experience with:

  • OrCAD Schematic Entry

  • Cadence PCB Editor

  • KiCAD Schematic/Layout

  • Altium Schematic Entry

  • Familiarity with DO-178 software design activities

  • Familiarity with design to meet DO-160

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Mechanical Engineering

I acquired a hobby of 3D printing during the early days of the rising hobbyist 3D printing. In addition, I had a mentor who allowed me to design mechanical parts and features that eventually made it into production giving me basic - but not comprehensive - mechanical design skills.

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Office Productivity

The majority of report generation activities are conducted utilizing MS Word or Word-like software. I generally prefer to utilize styles within the document structure as this leads to a highly maintainable document which is inherently organized and beautifully exported to PDF.

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Software Development

My introduction to software was as a firmware developer. As I continued to develop my skills, I found it necessary to learn other languages in order to become a better firmware developer. Additionally, through that process, I was further exposed to different souce control and development methods which increased my productivity and value in my various roles.

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I manage a small number of open-source projects. Most of these started out as useful scripts that I found myself utilizing over and over. None of the projects have “taken off”, but many of them have users and have merged pull requests on GitHub. Amongst the git-related skills:

  • Routine command-line interaction (stage, commit, branch, merge)

  • Working with remotes (push, pull, fetch)

  • GitHub, including fork, pull requests

  • Git Flow


My skills in C have been primarily focused on microcontroller firmware development and not on application development.

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Python as become a favored language for its extraordinary flexibility in a number of applications. I have utilied Python for complimentary testing applications, automated manufacturing testing, backend web development, and data analysis.

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I have become familiar with JavaScript through experimentation and development of some toy web sites. I have implemented small web sites which interact with hardware on such platforms as Raspberry Pi and similar.

  • Jinja2 templates

  • Basic JavaScript

  • Basic Bootstrap


  • Markdown

  • reStructured Text

  • Spaces, not tabs

  • GIMP (basic image manipulation)